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Art is my life / L'art est ma vie!

Her Royal Highness Diane, Duchess of Württemberg


Passion and Expressive Energy

Everything she touches turns to art: Diane, Duchess of Württemberg has a spiritual approach to the techniques and materials she uses – and the people she meets.

DxDiane's work is invariably characterised by the attempt to explore the human condition in great depth and to reflect this in her art. It's therefore hardly surprising that themes such as "lovers" and "affection" are leitmotifs that appear in ever varied form throughout her artistic work. Her enormous expressive energy is evident in many of her sculptures, particularly those that portray the phenomenon of metamorphosis – the transformation of people into animals, plants or even rocks. It is here that her tremendous passion, expressiveness, and ability to express surprising ideas in an easily understood way really come to the fore. Her motifs are frequently born from the subconscious and are therefore sometimes seen as having a touch of surrealism about them. The artist's sense of humour and simultaneous seriousness are characteristic of her search for perfect forms of expression.

I.K.H. Diane Herzogin von Württemberg, Prinzessin von Frankreich
Schloss Altshausen  |  D-88361 Altshausen  |  Deutschland
Telefon: +49 7584 291 110