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HRH Diane, Duchess of Württemberg exhibition in partnership with BW-Bank Stuttgart in March/April 2014

"Invest in art and do a good deed in the process"

This was the slogan with which HRH The Duchess of Württemberg opened two parallel exhibitions in branches of the BW-Bank in Stuttgart this year. The first private viewing took place on 12 March in the Kronprinzbau branch, the second private viewing on Königstraße followed the very next day on 13 March.

The exhibition in the Kronprinzbau branch was opened by Mr Weber, the branch manager, and Ms Moll, a gallery owner from Esslingen. After a few invigorating words, some 150 guests were able to admire the works of art and even exchange a few words with HRH The Duchess of Württemberg. The resounding success of the launch continued the very next day. The opening in the Königstraße branch was carried out by HRH The Duchess of Württemberg together with the Area Manager, Mr Thomas. Delightful conversations left the guests wanting more, and the first artworks were already sold during the opening ceremony. The proceeds from these exhibitions were donated to the "Stutengarten" project. Stutengarten is a children's play area at the equestrian arena in Bad Canstatt. The work carried out here tries to introduce children to political, social, economic and cultural life. The aim is for the children to "learn by doing".

The exhibition was open from 13 March to 17 April 2014.


HRH Diane, Duchess of Württemberg as a Regional Horticultural Show Ambassador

On 30 April, HRH The Duchess of Württemberg took part in the opening ceremony as an Official Ambassador of the Regional Horticultural Show.
The exhibition spaces were also adorned with some of her artworks. Four of her large angels, for example, were on display in the Sky Garden. The large light spheres also drew big crowds. The Regional Horticultural Show was a resounding success attracting over 2,000,000 visitors.

Plakat der Landesgartenschau

Advent in the palace courtyard in Friedrichshafen, 11 – 17/12/2015

HRH The Duchess of Württemberg completed her new, 7 m tall angel "HAIAAEL" just in time for the opening of the Christmas Market on 11 December 2015. Anchored firmly in place to weather any storm, the angel kept a protective watch over the visitors to the Christmas Market.


Soup kitchen in Mallorca, Christmas 2014

HRH The Duchess of Württemberg helped the monks from the "Iglesia de Capuchinos", Mallorca,
to serve food to people in need on Christmas Eve.


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